When do you meet?

We usually meet on the second Thursday of each month. However, sometimes this varies, according to speaker and venue availability; dates are given in the event listings.

Who can come along?

The talk is open to everyone interested in skepticism, or the subjects being discussed. Come along. Listen. Ask interesting questions. Enjoy a drink or two.

How much does it cost?

Speakers kindly give their time for free to come and talk at SitP. We ask for £3 on the door to cover venue hire, speaker travel, food and sometimes accomodation expenses, oh and a pint or two if required. If the speaker is coming from futher afield or we have to hire a larger venue we may ticket the event. We use any excess to advertise, maintain AV equipment, etc.

When does the talk start?

We advertise from 7.30pm, which is when most talks start. However, some of us usually get there earlier, so feel free to come along, have some combination of a drink, meal and chat. If you want a good seat be there by 7.20.

Where is it?

The venue is shown on the event description. We are currently based at The Rifle next to Fratton Station.


If it’s your first time at a Portsmouth Skeptics’ event and you’re nervous about turning up on your own, then you should feel free to contact us, either by leaving a post on Facebook, Tweeting us, or clicking to email us . We’ll get back to you with the name of a person who will be there on the evening to chat to you and introduce you to other people.


Our current venue is fully accessible

If you have an queries regarding accessibilty please e-mail us for details portsmouthskepticsinthepub@gmail.com

We want to get as many new faces along to Skeptics in the Pub events as possible, so if you have friends that you want to invite along, feel free.

Inclusion Policy
Portsmouth Skeptics aim to promote an environment where everyone can feel safe and welcome. We will not tolerate harassment (inappropriate or discriminatory speech or behaviour) or abuse of speakers or attendees.

Anyone who is found to be harassing or abusive may be asked to leave and could also be banned from future events and/or any other PSitP forums.

Should anyone feel the need to report such harassment or abuse, either online or at an event, please inform one of the organisers.