A human-systems perspective

Jamal Kinsella

Thursday, May 10 2018 at 7:15PM

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Goldsmith Avenue

Jamal Kinsella

What's the talk about?

Who do you blame when things go wrong? A human-systems perspective

We live in a world where every decision carries with it many risks, and multiple chaotic systems interacting means that at any moment things we expect can fail to occur, and this can have severe consequences. These consequences can range from very personal, or organisational, or societal, or even global. But when things go wrong, whether it's a world catastrophe or an individual's tragedy, who do we blame? To answer this question, cognitive scientist Jamal Kinsella will talk about the psychology behind blame: why we do it, its consequences on our mental wellbeing, and our behaviour towards the people and world around us.

Drawing from his research in human factors engineering will explore a human-systems perspective, where human behaviours are seen as parts of a greater network of systems that influence the world, can inform a more humanistic, psychologically stable, and scientifically accurate assessment of incidents that happen, both personally and globally. Jamal hopes that those present (especially himself!) will all gain new insight into ways of managing our human biases and judgements and apply thoughtful approaches to incident analysis to our own lives