Jenny Walker

Thursday, June 14 2018 at 7:15PM

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Goldsmith Avenue

Jenny Walker

What's the talk about?

We've invited computer scientist and president of Robogals Southampton, Jenny Walker, to discuss a range of questions from about how computers and humans relate to each other.

In this event, we'll all get the opportunity to explore, with creativity, history, and scientific insight, our personal answers to the question: "Should we let computers make decisions for us?"

Jenny will discuss the pros and cons of using machines and algorithms to make important decisions. In a world of increasingly big data, it seems that machine learning and efficient data crunching algorithms will be the way of the future, but how much can we trust computer algorithms with decisions in our day to day lives and on a larger scale?

General arrival - 19:00-19:20
Presentation - 19:30
Drinks break - 20:30
Q&A session 20:45 until around 21:30
(Approximate timings only)