Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives

Johno Pearce and Alan Duval

Thursday, January 10 2019 at 7:00PM

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Goldsmith Avenue

Johno Pearce and Alan Duval

What's the talk about?

Johno Pearce brings the philoposhy of morality to the table, and this is sometimes supported and sometimes challenged by psychology, as shown by Alan Duval. Together, the two tackle the minefield of morality and in an evocitiver manner. From trolleys to monkeys, and God to inquiring murders, does morality exist in the fabric of the universe, or is it all just in our minds?

Johno Pearce is a philosopher, author, blogger, public speaker and teacher from Hampshire in the UK. He specialises in philosophy of religion, but likes to turn his hand to science, psychology, politics and anything involved in investigating reality. He is the author of several popular books including ‘The Nativity: A Critical Examination’, ‘Free Will? An investigation into whether we have free will, or whether I was always going to write this book’, and ‘The Little Book of Unholy Questions’. As an interlude from writing about philosophy and theology, he has also written a book of advice for dads of twins; Twins: A Survival Guide for Dads. He is a founder member of the Tippling Philosophers, a friendly group of disparate believers and non-believers based in Hampshire, and is also a founder author for the Skeptic Ink Network (SIN), an online community of skeptic writers, bloggers, academics, thinkers and activists.

Alan Duval was born in New Zealand to English parents. His early career was in systems and database administration, though with a nearly 20-year side line in DJing (mostly pop and retro). He maintains a broad taste in music, from acid jazz to death metal.  In his mid-30s, having recently been divorced Alan moved to London (from Wiltshire), and took on a degree in psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London. The decision to take psychology was due, in no small part, to his son’s autism. Having secured a first class honours, and a distinction for his dissertation on moral psychology, Alan went on to do a Masters in psychological research methods, in which he will, again, be focusing on moral psychology. In the meantime Alan works for two ethically oriented start-ups; CoGo (Connecting Good), the London launch of the Conscious Consumers app that has been running in New Zealand for a while, and his own , recently funded start-up, Social Consumer (a value comparison site for the household energy market). As of November 15, Alan is also a Countdown Octochamp.