The Dark Side of Romance

Dr Diana Fleischman

Thursday, February 14 2019 at 7:15PM

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Goldsmith Avenue

Dr Diana Fleischman

What's the talk about?

Often people are attracted to one another for reasons of moral virtue. Romantic signals usually indicate generosity and selflessness. But what happens when attraction goes bad? In this talk I’ll be discussing how men and women engage in risky behaviour in order to attract mates and the attractiveness of psychopathy and deception. 

Dr Diana Fleischman grew up in in the Southern United States in a religious and conservative area where evolution was not taught in school. At 12 Diana earned the moniker “monkey girl” for fervently endorsing evolution to teachers and peers. Attending both Catholic church and synagogue further formed the foundation of a sceptical perspective on religion. During a formative year at the LSE shortly after the September 11th attacks, Diana read Dawkins and other evolutionists extensively, kindling an obsession with atheism and evolutionary psychology.

As an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Portsmouth, Diana teaches and researches many different topics including disgust, human sexuality and biological bases of behaviour. Involvement with effective altruism, a movement that aims to use evidence to accomplish the most good in terms of human and nonhuman wellbeing, prompted Diana to more deeply consider human morality its evolution and shortcomings, the topic of this Darwin Day talk. Diana is a sentientist, someone who prioritizes the capacity to suffer as the basis for moral consideration; Find her on Twitter @Sentientist.

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