David Warden

Thursday, June 13 2019 at 7:00PM

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Goldsmith Avenue

David Warden

What's the talk about?

David Warden from Bournemouth Humanists will give a talk on 'The Science and Psychology of Happiness'


Happiness is a much-misunderstood concept. Many people think that it's self-indulgent or frivolous to pursue happiness and that we should pursue other goals instead, like meaning and purpose. David will argue that a meaningful life is, to a large extent, a happy life and therefore these goals should be seen as complementary rather than contradictory. Happiness is not only good for you. It's also good for everyone around you. David has studied the science and psychology of happiness for many years and he will suggest some techniques and practices you can adopt to enhance your experience of happiness and subjective wellbeing. Why would you not want to be happier?


£3 on the door

Doors 7pm