Cerys Bradley

Thursday, September 12 2019 at 7:00PM

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Goldsmith Avenue

Cerys Bradley

What's the talk about?

For decades, science has been fascinated by the LGBTQ community. What makes gay people gay? How does sexuality affect one's behaviour, appearance, or ability to raise children? These are the questions that science has asked and the answers have had an impact not only within the scientific world, but also on public policy and the rights of LGBTQ citizens. Given the highly politicised nature of the topic, it is perhaps not surprising to discover biases and prejudices hidden in the construction, conduction, and conclusions of these studies but are they still valuable contributions to science? 


Join scientist Cerys Bradley, a part time comedian and full time gay, as they look at the science conducted in answer of these questions. 


£3 on the door 

Doors 7pm 

Talk 7:30pm